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I have started conversations with a few different people on OKC. One man is someone I didn't think I would be interested in based on the profile, but he sent me a message and we have fallen into playful chit chat very well. I doubt there is romantic potential, but I could easily see us becoming friends. He and his wife are Portland natives, so that is a plus in my book right now! The woman I'm talking to never even thought of poly until after she got married and realized she missed being with women. So... She is looking for a serious girlfriend to form a more closed relationship with - at least closed on her side - she doesn't seem to have a preference on whether or not the woman she dates has other partners besides a male "primary." She just has a child and isn't interested in pursuing more than one relationship. We shall see if either of these things leads to ANYTHING, but it's good to be chatting with a few people at least.
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