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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
So I pressured her and she said, "What's the rule on exes?"
Oi! This has been our one steadfast rule during our entire relationship: NO EXES. Granted, all of our exes are from high school, so it is just so easy to revert back to our insecure teenage selves when we think about anything too intimate occurring with any of them.

Another random thing about the lack of cuddling/physical intimacy - Keith and I were going through a bit of a dry spell at one point and decided that even if we didn't want to have sex we still needed to be intimate. So we started giving each other 4 nonsexual hugs every day that lasted at least 15 seconds. It worked wonders! Just setting aside that little bit of time every day to be close to one another was great. Now when either one of us feels neglected or one person has been distracted with NRE or texting friends or anything, we just implement nonsexual hugging a few times a day for a while.
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