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Default Hello this is my first post

I don't know how to start this correctly since i am very new to any of this, i am very interested in this particular life style and ive done some research online and i really think i might enjoy it so im introducing my self here. i am 23 years old i am a male, i am very new to this but i have a wife of 3 years and were currently separated not divorced but recently started seeing each other again and we agreed to a more poly (i hope i am using that right) relationship and i love it! i enjoy it very much she used to be jealous and i never have and now were much happier i guess do to the freedom? i wanted to ask about this lifestyle and what you guys recommend i am not looking for a strictly sexual relationship i like forging trust and communication i think thats what attracted me the most to this lifestyle. any input from you guys or introductions or just letting me in on some of what happens here on the forum i would really appreciate it
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