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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
Yes, anonymous to the world, but upsetting to them that I had those thoughts.

As I said, it was llike a journal, with feedback, no ill intent just trying to make the best of a confusing situation.

I'm just a normal woman, in a less than normal circumstance, with a limited perspective, trying to find my way through a complicated situation , hoping to find clarity in an anonymous, *safe*, environment.

Oh well... lesson learned.
I've been sort of following this and this actually really upsets/concerns me. It seems that you are now being guilted for having your feelings and reactions. They are the feelings you had, it's not necessarily something you can control. You are trying to find a way to work through them, not only for your benefit but for the benefit of all. You've already mentioned multiple times that all you want is the best for everyone involved, so the fact that they have issues with your feelings seems to be a concern in and of itself. How is it okay for them to say you shouldn't have the feelings that you have? You should feel comfortable enough to express all of your feelings to your partner (if not to his wife) without having to feel judged for those feelings. If you cannot then there are other issues.
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