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Originally Posted by Flight85 View Post
Dingedheart, you are fairly close to understanding the question.

Cindie, as I expected I wasn't clear. Yes, my primary partner and I live together. Yes, my primary partner has hesitantly agreed to the relationship that I have with my long time friend that once was considered an affair. While it was always just an extension of our friendship it was still considered an affair because of how it was handled. The situation now is that my sencondary partner is starting a relationship. I'm ok with that. As dingedheart said, I'm wondering if I'm right or wrong to think that my years of investment and friendship should be valued more? Also just to clarify, I introduced everybody to eachother. I met each individual during the course of my life and became friends with them separtely.
I don't understand why you should be her primary if she's your secondary. That just seems like you wish she would hold you in a higher position than you hold her in. Now, if you viewed BOTH of your partners as "primaries" then it wouldn't seem quite so off to me.
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