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Default Agreeing with mono here

Of course it's not the right solution for everyone but when it was agreed that a sexual relationship was desireable between my wife and her bf it was absolutely essential that we be together as a threesome first.
I had to see that he was loving and supportive, he had to see that I was okay with the relationship, and she needed that night of passionate embrace between all three of us to believe it was going to be alright. It did not remove all trace of trepidation for any of us on the day they were together alone, but it took the scary away.
It should be stated that our first years of non-monagomy usually included threesomes but the emotional impact of this situation was...powerful

first edit didn't seem to take. Forgive if this is all screwed up.

I forgot to address the initial question. At this time we feel that a good budding friendship and at least comfort with an occasional night all together in bed is a very strong guideline for any relationship either of is take part in. We won't refuse love if it comes calling, but we really *want* our relationships to be between all three or four of us as completely as possible. Her bf and I were friends within minutes of talking with one another and I'm very sad (as is he, I believe) that my work has me so far away from the relationship. I literally was developing a crush and he was very comfortable.

So for us, friends all around - or better, if at all possible. My recent girlfriend was not willing to have such a relationship with my wife - even friends did not seem possible - so I'm left now with a great deal of time to reflect on what a great guy I think I am, hang out in forums, and read

sorry. I have a habit of rambling.


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