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Default 2nd Poly date done

Well, I had a very interesting experience while eating crab dip on pita bread (unfortunately smothered in scallions.) She scarfed down a burger with more relish than I had hoped for. I had been thinking that there are four ingredients or more to compatibility. 1) agreement on non-monogamy 2) similar political views 3) compatible personalities 4) physical attraction.

One and two seemed very good. She is actually involved with two other guys, and admits that, with at least one of them the "sex is great." On three, things were a bit awkward and stiff to start with, but after an hour she relaxed and seemed to be very personable. But, on #4, I just was not inspired to heights of passion. That's pretty essential for me, so I'm afraid this one won't work.

It's unfortunate, because in every other respect, it looked like a good match.

Frank is an unattached recovering monogamist, poly dating straight male.
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