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Originally Posted by lapsi View Post

It is great that you have done fantastic research on the subject and that you are going in with your eyes wide open. However, at this time, I would like to suggest that you stop your research and introspection and have a few days of peace and quiet with yourself before this takes off.

Good Luck to all 4 of you.


Thanks Lapsi, I also have come to the same conclusion, because it will only confuse us and what has been found thro' various research will definately not apply equally to everybody, After all they all generalise, in the conclusion. and
each one is a unique case.
For example, it is generally said that polyamory is loving without boundaries. But in our case, we have mutually discussed and agreed on some boundaries within which we all behave. This, we thought is required for a long lasting relationship and to avoid any misunderstanding in future amongst ourselwes and possible cause for jealousy.
In monogomy, these type of discussions r not required because society has already fixed them over the years. and since concept of polyamory, is itself new and under evolution yet, we each group have to set these boundaries. Might be we might modify them as time goes on and we learn new things and come across new situations.
I have already done some reading about our Hindu religion, and found out that there is nothing against polyamory in our philosophy. I will writing about it it in my nest post. I t may be of some help to at least other members, who belong to my relogion
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