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I think my definition of love making is different than what you were saying... it seems more like LR was saying actually... which is confusing and I wonder if it is something you talked about already. To me love making is all about the emotions and nothing to do with how long it takes, how someone is treated or intensity of the act. I have been fucked and been considered in terms of my needs for sure. I have been regarded in terms of someone spending time with my body also. I don't really have a problem with asking for my needs to be met either, but I knew it wasn't love making, it was still loveless sex and therefore fucking. Anyway, it's semantics really. Not all that important perhaps.
We've talked about that a number of times actually. One of the BIGGEST issues we've struggled with is that we have so COMPLETELY different definitions of SO MANY words that it makes communication a literal nightmare.
We don't have the same definition or understanding of what "love" "commitment" "faith" "fidelity" "sex" etc is. We've struggled with that for years (obviously there are more-those were obvious ones you could grasp the depth of the issue by reading).

Still working on figuring out how to meld some of that. Very frustrating. Very confusing. Very disheartening at times as well (like right now).
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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