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Originally Posted by mostlyclueless View Post
I would be interested to hear other people's experiences -- if you pretty much always feel ready to take on someone new should they come along, or if most of the time you like things how they are, however they are?
Well, being open to multiple partners isn't like collecting souvenir spoons. You don't always have to be on the hunt for the next shiny new one.

It's possible to be happy with the loves you have and never want any more than that. It's kind of silly to think that just because I am non-monogamous and a larger world of possibilities is now open to me, that I have to act upon every one. I can try to go "shopping" for new partners and FWBs so that I fit whatever idea I have of what practicing poly is "supposed to" look like, or I can just appreciate opportunities as they happen and let things develop organically. Sometimes I put lots of effort into meeting people, but that gets exhausting. So I like to take breaks and see what happens naturally for a while. Usually, the more meaningful or satisfying relationships happen when I'm not looking for them, anyway.
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