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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
I wanted sex. I asked her if she wanted to do anything and she said pretty flatly, "no". Okay, so I walk away and eventually one of the kids wakes up. So now I'm sitting here waiting for the day to go by so I can talk to A. I'm trying to meet my wife's needs and I'm trying to be a supportive husband but it is difficult beyond measure sometimes. It's not that she's doing anything wrong. She's giving me hugs, kisses, dancing randomly and being playful. But she isn't attending to my needs. I want some form of closeness throughout the day.
May I point out that asking her if she wants to do anything and then walking away to sulk when she says, "no" is not stating any of your needs to her. No wonder you feel as if they are not being met. You are the one who needs to assert yourself in finding ways to get those needs met, starting with letting her know what they are!

What prevented you from putting your arms around her and saying, "I'd really like to lay down and cuddle right now," or "I want you, honey, I'm so turned on by you right now" to let her know what you were really asking for?
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