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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
This drives me CRAZY!!!! Husband does this to me all the time. When this happens when we are out to dinner, I've been so tempted to pick up the phone, call some random friend and say "Hey, I guess I can come right over dh is more interested in his phone than talking to me. No, we're only a few blocks from home, he can walk." Now, can I actually get up the nerve to do it.
I'm not saying I've never done exactly what she did but this was the first time she's been able to meet me for lunch without having to schedule first in the 5 years we have been married. This was totally on whim. My thoughts are that if she's willing to come in and spend time with me she should... I don't know. Spend time with me! Gah.

It made me more angry that it was LA considering she's been blowing him off for days now.
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