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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
For lunch today my wife met me in town and we went out. It was a really nice gesture but we talked very little and I got a little irritated with her when she got her phone out to talk to LA. At first she got it out just to read what his text had said and put it away, then got it out to respond. I know she has this habitual need to respond to every text she receives (I do it too) but fuck, you're only going to see me for an hour tops. He can wait. In my frustration I got my phone out and pretended to play on it for a while. I felt stupid acting like I was doing something when I wasn't and I also felt like a child for evening up so I put it away. Not very long after she got it out again and started playing phone games. Christ woman. Put your fucking phone back in your purse. Eventually she did but it frustrates me that I had to ask her several times to do so. Whatever. Moving on.
This drives me CRAZY!!!! Husband does this to me all the time. When this happens when we are out to dinner, I've been so tempted to pick up the phone, call some random friend and say "Hey, I guess I can come right over dh is more interested in his phone than talking to me. No, we're only a few blocks from home, he can walk." Now, can I actually get up the nerve to do it.
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