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Some subs and Doms have an understanding: "whatever Master wants." There is that much trust. Knowing your Mistress is domming someone else, to live up to her full potential, would be an act of pleasant service to some subs.
In this sense it is somewhat true that we have that understanding-but part of that being possible-is ONE thing the guys want is for me to keep the family life and home life, and kid life etc "running smooth like always" and we have already an understanding between us of things that DO NOT change or come into play ever, no matter what-so it CAN be that way.... it's not "free for all whatever you want" as your paragraph states, does that confusion of my words make ANY sense?

I know some Doms won't let their subs have other partners, even when they can. I find that disturbing from a poly pov.
Um-yeah that isn't an issue really. I have Maca and GG and the situation (talk about a poly bdsm situation here that I've never heard of) is that THEY are my joint Dom. I have no interest in another lover-and having another lover isn't agreeable to our poly-agreement anyway as we have a limit of two total per person, so I have my limit already.

If a sub or Dom wanted another lover, and their nature is to dom or sub, I would wonder if that would enter into any other love relationship, whether you want it to or not.
Again-doesn't really pertain exactly. The answer is I am sub to both-and have no other lovers. BUT my issue wasn't "nature" of behavior. It was taking on an agreed "claim".

They are currently designing a "collar" for me that has two parts. One collar is gold-and can be worn alone. One is silver and can be worn alone. Worn together they connect and become one. The designs on each meld together to make an all together different design that is poly in nature...
That allows me "on a date with GG" to wear only the one pertinent to HIM, when "on a date" with Maca" to wear only the one pertinent to HIM and when it's all three of us (much more common) to wear them together.

Geez-the more I write the more confusing it sounds! You all are going to have me committed soon!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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