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At some point you have to ask yourself "why the labels?". I just use them as they come and if I am comfortable with them. My girlfriend's girlfriend can be just my friend or my girlfriend too, with or without commitment. I don't care what others think or say about my terminology. Do you want your partner to be labeled more than you want a clear definition of rules and regulations surrounding your activities? Just say it like it is. Friend, boyfriend, whatever makes the two or more of you happy...

Honesty in goals and plans can be difficult, especially when discussing the end results of your relationship. But denying you have one is counterproductive. I have a relationship with my cat. Believe me, that's not going any farther than him being fed and him mysteriously gaining 500 lb when I want to get him out of bed. It's the quality and strength of your relationships that you should focus on. If it is and will remain a friendship then focus on that. Does intimacy bring more emotion than you are willing to share with that individual? Take a step back. Not enough love in the mix? Pour it on.
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