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Originally Posted by amkronos View Post
... i simply don't get off every time...
Do the women get off every time? It's not uncommon for women to have sex for the intimacy, pleasure, and such without actually having an orgasm. Why isn't okay for a man to do the same? Also, it's possible to orgasm without ejaculation, although most men don't experience it unless they train because the muscle sets are so closely connected.

I agree with Kyle.. If you're still enjoying it, you're not doing it too much. If you're exhausted with it and would rather just lie there and cuddle, then something needs to change.

Society has this view on sex that it's over when the man "finishes". Maybe it's time to change that view to something that focuses more on the emotional/spiritual side of sex for BOTH (or all - as the case may be elsewhere) involved.
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