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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Um, hello, didn't you JUST meet her a few days ago???!!! She's already your girlfriend and you're already thinking about your husband fathering children with her? Have you even gone out on dates and gotten to know her yet? How well do you know her? HELLO!!!! Wake up!

Please tell me this is just some fanciful daydream you're having.
Wow. Power back a sec.

Actually this is something she's made passing comments about & Hubbs & I are just not entirely sure how serious she is about it or how soon she's imagining this happening. I'm INCREDIBLY uncomfortable with it. I feel I would never be comfortable with that idea, honestly. I guess I was kind of fishing for some insight into similar experiences anyone on here has had.

As we spend more time together, I'm getting more confused about her, actually. Sometimes she seems fine with it being casual, but then she makes comments about things like that. Those comments cause my alarms to go off; "Woah, nelly. She might be a leech." Hubbs thinks she's just excited & a tad overzealous as it's all so new. I'm trying to be patient & give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

I am NOT making any plans at this point. It's way too early. I don't really know her yet. We're spending time together, talking a lot, working on a foundation but the future talk is a little creepy this early on.

I was simply trying to get some perspective for the future, some things to think about while we build the foundation & decide if this particular relationship is really one we want long-term in a romantic sense, from been-there-done-that people.
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