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Me and rory have had some amazing conversations during the last few weeks. We've come to realise so much about each other and ourselves, how we work and what concepts we're using to talk about certain things. It's been totally intense and useful and interesting. That is something I would never want to give up, so I really hope rory stays in my life forever.

Yesterday I talked to the guy I mentioned earlier, the one I'm kinda interested in. Let's call him Bob. After the about 3-4 hours long conversation we had, I think I just developed a crush on him. Very tiny one and I still don't want to date him, but I do recognize the feeling. It's funny. We've known each other for a few years now but we've never really had a long one-on-one conversation. It's always been either in a group or just short conversations one-on-one. I really enjoyed our conversation. He's funny and smart and I think we understand each other well. I haven't had a crush on a man in years. I'm leaning more toward women in my bisexuality so that's why this doesn't happen much nowadays.

That got me and rory talking about what kind of relationships we would be ready for in addition to our current ones. I'm quite polysaturated at the moment as in I don't want a third committed/serious relationship. I just don't have the time or the energy and I also don't want to reduce the time I spend with my current partners. I would be open to a FWB though, or something like that. I'm not sure what can develop out of me and Bob because I'm not sure what his situation is right now or what he even thinks about me. But I think he could make a nice FWB if that were to happen.
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