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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Now...after all was said and done MrS came up with a new request based on the realities of our situation. In essence, he would like to be informed if he is going to encounter sexual activity if he opens a door in the house (only the bedroom and bathrooms have doors), so he can be braced for it. Since we live in, essentially, a three room house - bedroom, living-room/den, library/dining-room - that means he would like to be informed if we are having sex. Dude sometimes rankles under this boundary, he sometimes views it as "asking permission" - I view it as "common courtesy"... we are working on it...
Just a thought.... You might be able to solve this to the contentment of all with the old "necktie" thing.... If there's a necktie on the doorknob, then there's sex going on and don't open the door. Simple solution. And since MrS only wants to know if he's going to run into sex when he opens a door, and there's only two doors in the house, well, it'd be pretty easy to slip a necktie over the doorhandle. Then Dude won't have to feel like he's "getting permission" from MrS for sex with you, and MrS won't have to walk in on something unexpectedly. You could suggest this to them and see if it would satisfy both their needs.
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