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Originally Posted by Aurelie26 View Post
The way I tell him I dont want to discuss/compare them in bed sounds awkward because I feel awkward. What do you say to someone when they ask if your lover has a bigger dick? I cant tell him the truth, that it's twice the size of his, and he's to nice to tell him it's not his business. I fumble over my words and I think that makes it worse.
You know what I would say if I couldn't be assertive and say "I don't think it's your business, and I don't think of you in terms of penises, as you are just both lovely people who I enjoy spending time with" in a healthy way, and I thought I'd already made my initial partner feel he was inferior by my hedging, but I felt compelled to be honest and respond to his query?

I'd say "His penis is bigger or thicker than yours (choose one if it is both...) but penis size doesn't mean better lover. YOU have/do X in bed that I find more satisfying. THEN I'd say it makes me really uncomfortable discussing it and that I didn't want to bring it up again. I think that there is no reason that partners shouldn't feel like they are on an even playing field. and it doesn't matter how much one partner is better at an activity than another, unless partner A loves said activity and partner B HATES said activity, playing favorites or ranking partners is a losing battle.
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