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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Did he take care of your son during your weekend get away?

Perhaps broach this by asking what is his motivation for wanting to know this? And what if his worst nightmare came true. (if this is his nightmare). Perhaps he should leave it alone. Don't ask questions you might not want to hear the answers to.

But he sounds more mono in thinking and he needs to know this is life identifying thing and something you can't or wont shut off for him or anyone. (At least with his dick size and staying power)

He might be making the mistake of viewing the relationship form how he feels and doesn't get,...... hopes .....wishes you felt exactly the same way...but sadly you don't.

This mind set difference needs to be discussed so you each don't waste anymore of each others time trying to change the other.

Yes he looked after my son when I was away.

I'm going to talk to him about this all soon, as it's really starting to bother both him and I. Maybe he needs to hear the truth, I dont know.

He was sulky and moody again yesterday at dinner before I went out, to the point where both his mother and Max noticed.
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