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Originally Posted by ssmoore View Post
I was having a conversation with someone the other day about my current situation having a husband and another person in my life. they asked if my husband had someone else and he does not so they asked what does he get out of this, anyhow the question is, am I selfish for not wanting or allowing my husband to watch me and my other partner when we are intimate?
No, it's not selfish at all. Besides, it's not totally up to you. Your other partner has a right to privacy.

Your husband gets more out of you being poly than just the opportunity to see you have sex with someone else. He gets to enjoy your expansive love and your happiness at being fulfilled. He might eventually find someone else for himself, there's no rule you both have to have other partners at the same time. It's not a race or competition.

Don't let judgmental assholes who are uneducated about poly bring you down.
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