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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
FYI, your Husband shouldn't assume she turned away because she was uncomfortable. When I am right there when my husband gives somebody a goodnight kiss, I look away to give them privacy. Maybe she was uncomfortable, but there are other explanations, which is why being on the same page will be so useful.
Thank you! I just shared with Hubby and he agreed he could have completely misread her because he didn't ask.

There is so much we need to learn in this arena. We're very thankful that we are all on the same page as far as miscommunications - as the female counterpart said recently "this is how we grow".

We did have a discussion last night that cleared up a LOT of grey areas. Still more to talk about but a good start. There had seemed to be an imbalance between interests/attention given between she & Hubby vs. he and I. He and I were able to clarify where we stood so far - we like each other, enjoy one another's company and very pleased with the pace we're going. Hubby was able to clarify that she's not a fan of pleasantries via text (ie: Hope you have a great day) because she feels they are filler and said to receive a response back whereas Hubby is a southern gent and it's how he relays that he cares about you to show attention. So they have figured out a communication level they are both comfortable with and one that she feels is genuine.

She also clarified for Hubby where he stood - that she likes him more than the sexual aspect and we're all on the same page that we'd like to see where this grows organically without a roadmap of what 'should' come next.

Hubby is also comfortable knowing that she and he may not always been on the same page as her Hubby and I are.

We'll slowly get it. I would feel more comfortable addressing the other questions about pda and wants/needs in person - seems easier to convey tone, body language etc.. in person. So that's next on the list.

My OP was about jealousy and I think hearing in clear cut language where I stand with him has helped with my jealousy a great deal.
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