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Default Using the "P" word.... or not.

Thanks, Strixish, for the feedback, and the courage to call a thing by it's name. However, by the time I read your post, I had already changed my OKCupid profile to delete the "Polyamory" word, yet try to say it in another way. I had realized that so many people misunderstand, or had never heard the word. In fact, once, someone called me a polygamist.

So, my current monogamy disclaimer reads:
"Leaning toward a limited and respectful re-definition of relationship patterns (in a more flexible manner) as a fair and realistic approach to how men and women connect in a positive and helpful way. We are all unique and there can't be one pattern that fits all."

Now that says a lot, or says nothing... I can't decide. NYCindie says that she waits for the first face to face meeting to elaborate, and only then uses the word: non-exclusive. That may work for a woman, but I think a man needs to clear the air quicker. Certainly, I will clarify it in the first couple of emails, if I get some, that is.

Frank is an unattached recovering monogamist, poly dating straight male.
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