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Thanks RP.

I just want to do what's best for all involved.

I don't consider myself a threat. I've always been fair and compassionate. It's the nature of who I am. Sometimes I'm too much of a pushover, keeping my mouth shut to keep the peace, regardless of my own needs. (my ex husband benefits from that the most! lol).

I haven't asked for anything more than a little additional facetime during the week. That's just a recent request now that our feelings have developed into something more than casual these past few months. It's hard to have more than casual feelings restricted to a casual time limit.

As you said, I just want to love him, not change him or his circumstances. But I want to be loved and protected/defended fairly in return. That's my only wish and intent here.

Thanks for the pep talk. It's nice to hear support and encouragement for all 3 of us in this situation.
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