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Originally Posted by OkNewbs View Post
I would agree with the above. I would like to add, though, that for me, I had to "come out" to someone else first in order to get my thoughts straight. I'm the type that needs to talk thru things in order to get my head straight. Had I told my husband before I got everything sorted, I would have fumbled around & probably given the wrong impression. And in all honesty, this discussion for us has been almost 2 years long. I've posted elsewhere about that (I think, it may have been a PM), so I'm not going to get off-topic here. Or more off topic.

This site has been an amazing resource in that respect. Do your research, find out how you feel, what you want, who you are, and if you can *really* see this as a good & fulfilling life for yourself. If & when you decide to have that conversation with your SO, make sure YOU know what you want/feel/believe/need. Also, again just my 2 cents, have an idea of what you would want as ground rules going forward, if your SO were to agree. Hubbs was very wary until I was able to paint the picture for him. He still had to process & decide on his own, but in the end we came to a very workable compromise.

It's a confusing subject even if you fit into the category, even more so for someone who's never heard of it!

Good luck!

I wish I'd had the chance to broach the subject... she actually saw OK Cupid in my browser history and asked me if I wanted to see other people one night. I'm all but incapable of lying, so I said I'd thought about it.

That discussion did not end well...
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