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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
how old are you and your Bf?

Is it possible that with in the past year that your bf's feeling have grown ...for you and your son ... a deep love and affection ...which is why he shed the other girls. Could that have been a grand gesture to show commitment or love...direction for the future?

Who looks after your son when you go on these dates?

I don't think I'd try lying saying it's just different especially when you don't feel that way like give it away.

If being poly is a life identifying thing for you, this is one of the truths that has to be acknowledged. And it maybe painful to hear but the truth is the truth...not everyone is playing pro football, hockey, soccer , etc.. either. At least he can decide how he wants to respond or react to such knowledge.....which could be the reason for the question in the first place.

I'm 26 and my boyfriend is 28.

I think that our love for each other has grown a lot over the last year. I know how much he loves me, and he is very affectionate, I also know how much I love him. To see my son with him, and to watch their own relationship develop over the last year has meant so much to me. My son regards him as his father and calls him dad. They are very, very close.

My bf is very easy to be with, he is so nice, but also great fun. He is also very generous, both with the time he gives, and also the way he cares for us. My son and I can have things that we never could before. He has made me happier than I've ever been. I love him so much.

Some people say you cant love two people at the same time..........I know they are wrong, because I do. The love I feel for my lover is different though. I love him in spite of myself. I cant even say that I like him that much, I dont. I can tell you why I love my bf, but I cant do the same with regards to my lover, I just know I do. Truth is, other than the sex, we dont have much going for us, and yet, there is something there, but neither one of us can explain it.

I have talked to my bf about why he has stopped seeing other girls. He simply says that he doesn't enjoy it. He says that he has never really enjoyed sex outside of a relationship. He says that he has tried, but just doesn't think it will ever be for him. He says that he just wants to be with me.

I meet my lover two nights a week. I live with my bf, so he looks after my son when I'm on these dates. When I come home it's late, so they are both in bed together. I do feel bad when I see them cuddled up, but sometimes I think that's what my bf wants, as my son never sleeps in our bed at any other time.

Yes, I do think poly is a life identifying thing for me. I have never been so happy and I want things to stay exactly as they are. I really dont want to hurt my bf, but realise that I may have to tell the truth and do just that if I'm to get what I want.
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