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Originally Posted by Kemie View Post
Thanks for the perspective km34, I know that Legs couldn't possibly feel like his request is arbitrary, so it's good to hear reasons why he thinks it's important. Casual sex sort of IS a hobby/pastime; whether it's with Wolf or not.

The danger of said hobby wasn't brought up at all in the discussion, which leads me to believe that that is not what this is stemming from.

I was with Wolf when I started seeing Legs; and there have been no changes to the structure of our open relationship since th beginning. He has always had some discomfort with it; but this has gradually improved (in both of our opinions.) I'm not sure why this has suddenly come up.

Umm.. Is it possible that he didn't think the casual sex would continue once the relationship reached a certain level OR that the relationship WOULDN'T reach a certain level? I'd be more willing to overlook or ignore behavior that made me uncomfortable in a partner that I didn't expect to be with for long or be with in a serious way as opposed to a partner that I expected to be very close to for a very long time. Could his expectations have changed?

Like I said.. Kind of random thoughts as to where he COULD be coming from, applicable or not. lol I'm obviously trying to think of any reason that would make this request come up in an established relationship. The only way you'll really understand is by just asking him why he's uncomfortable with it (to the point of asking you to stop) all of the sudden.
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