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You're getting lots of good questions from the group but I have one thing to add-

If I were you,

I would work out these things waay before getting married.

Especially since you both seem to be so unsure of where your sexual lives are taking you, I'd think making sure you're sexually compatible beforehand is a must.

Ok, one more thing about marriage. When I got married, it certainly wasn't at the "ideal" time in my life, and I certainly didn't have everything worked out and prob never will, but something is sticking in my craw..

Your gf has never been with a man +
she is pushing you to marry +
once you are married, she will want to have sex with women again but not before +
she doesn't want you involved but wants you in the room, her husband, approving but not actively participating in her FF encounter

Is it possible that she has chosen you, the first man she has slept with, to marry her so you can help her justify her sexuality to herself?

I could be way off,- I'm no good at math.
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