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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
... if you haven't discussed it, I mean the four of you together, then you cannot assume you have a developing poly relationship.

The annoying encounter you described sounds like 100% normal swinger behavior... Be careful about the emotional risks you take while you lack information about how the other couple views things.
I agree with Jade on this part. You definitely need to ALL have a conversation together so that you're ALL on the same page. Although, in my swinging experiences, cuddling was never shunned, it isn't uncommon for that to happen. If the person I was with and I finished first, we'd cuddle up and watch the other two finish and vice versa. This is definitely something worth discussing. There is a high probability that he doesn't even realize he's doing it.. He's used to cuddling with his wife after sex, so he cuddles with his wife after sex. Does he even realize that you want him to cuddle with you? It's not like he's leaving you all alone since you also have your husband.
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