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Yeah, I have the "soft DADT" with Legs. He knows generally what goes on with Wolf, and in the past he's usually known when I go out on dates with other men (because I confirm the actual evening/night I'll be gone with him.)

But recently, he asked me to close my one-on-one sexual encounters to either him or Wolf. Poly-fi style, I suppose. I feel like the DADT may have caused this in some way, but I'm not sure.

I could never do the full on DADT. I love knowing what goes on in Legs' and Wolf's dating lives just as much I love knowing what goes on in the rest of their lives. It hurts me if they don't want to tell me things, and it hurts if they don't want to know things. I'm not saying the play-by-play; just the generality of it. "We went there; we did this; it was fun; I like her." etc.
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