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Originally Posted by adrift View Post
I didn't call them. I figure that it's their time alone and I shouldn't disturb it and if they want to talk to me they will.
So send them a quick text "Miss you! Hope your having a good time." They can respond if they want or not. You reached out and it may just make them feel good. It's so easy to get into the self deprecating cycle, they may be thinking the same thing you are and then no one talks to anyone.

My husband is one to automatically invite certain people to "go with us" unless I specifically tell him, it's just "us" time. When I finally realized that we wouldn't get any alone time unless I spelled it out for each specific event I did have to remind him, write it on the calendar ("just us"), say do NOT invited anyone else, etc more than once and in more than one way. Don't give up.
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