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Default Day 10

I didn't see much of Nancy or Hardy today. I made plans to go to a drinking event with my friends, thinking they were going to be leaving yesterday instead of today. But I had breakfast with my dad and then decided to go meet my friends early rather than go home and go back out. Because we all had so litle sleep they were dead to the world when I left.

I such a great time with my friends and I forgot how awesome it can be to have the house all to myself! The bed was all mine! Oh it was so nice to sprawl out and not worry about kicking anyone!

The brave thing I did today: After the festival, I felt like crap so I went home. I have a meeting in the morning so I needed to go to bed early anyway. But I was feeling a lilttle down that my partners were go on their romantic getaway and feeling very much that they wanted to get away from me. It's something I struggled with on and off as I was home alone, nursing a prehangover. So I decided to push it out of my mind and relax. I took pleasure in doing things I wanted to do rather than worry about what they were doing or how much crazy sex they were having.

I didn't call them. I figure that it's their time alone and I shouldn't disturb it and if they want to talk to me they will.
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