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Default breaking up

I've been a lurker here for a while but this is my first post. Sadly it's not a particularly happy one but I could really use your advice.

My primary and I have broken up amiably after 13 years. I also have a boyfriend whom I've been involved with for about a year, though long distance. I'm a bit worried about the breakup because, 3 months on, my boyfriend and I are becoming more serious, yet I'm worried about the potential for this to be a rebound relationship or something. It doesn't feel like that to me (I've had one before), but it does concern me because I love him dearly and don't want to take advantage of him.

I feel like that because I have been involved with my boyfriend before the breakup it should be a little bit different. What should I do? How do I give myself "breathing room" to move on from my ex? (Though to be honest, given the nature of the breakup, I'm doing a lot better than I thought I would, partly due to the fact that I have my boyfriend around who has been extremely supportive.)

Thanks everyone, I'd really appreciate poly-friendly opinions.
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