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Originally Posted by sinew View Post
venting to her about me,
He says he wants a home, pets, someday kids with me. But he has all those things already with Juliet as well.
Not long ago, Charlie proposed that we start a fund for Juliet's daughter so that we could help pay for her upcoming surgeries, and Juliet and Kilo have made Charlie (but not me) their daughter's legal guardian in their will. Kilo is keen to have Charlie in Juliet's life in a big way again, as it would ease the pressure of being man-of-the-house on him, and Juliet is understandably keen to have the full support and affection of two men in her life again.
A lot of you just plain sound much more independent than I am. Am I just being selfish to say I want most of his free time, not the least of it? Is it common to feel uncomfortable with the level of investment one's poly partner is making in your metamour? How do we negotiate between asking one to meet the other's needs and avoiding denying one's own?
venting to you was likely not helping him feel connected to him. How unfair that he did that! Behind your back too?! Gah!

You aren't seriously raising money for her kids are you? He has decided this without consulting you? He is the girls guardian, also without consulting you? He's a dictator! Seriously, are these people so uncaring and so inconsiderate that they think all this is okay? Its like you don't exist at all and he keeps you around because he feels sorry for you.
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