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Default Day 8

Today was another long day, work first, then a meeting for a group assignment at school after. Luckily for me, it meant getting home early to spend some quality time with Nancy. Both of us were destroyed from the days events. And the night before Nancy and Hardy had some drama which left everyone in the house feeling uncomfortable and on edge. There were a few tears but Nancy and Hardy seemed to work it out. I really don't know what happened but I hate when they have drama. It's dealing with all of the negative emotions in the air and none of the feeling of relief when there's a resolution because it doesn't involve me.

But Nancy and I had a good time, being silly on the internet. It was a quiet evening and a relaxing one.

The brave thing I did today was allow myself to relax and not immediately get worried when she seemed off or not inclined to cuddle. I think it helped the night from becoming awkward.
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