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Default Day 6

(I really need to be better about posting what happens at the end of each day instead of trying to remember after the fact. But with school, work, two partners, homework, sleep, trying to have a social life too...where does the time go?)

Today was blissfully work free! And I got to spend time with Harvey but the poor boy was so exhausted from work that it was only for a few hours before he passed out for majority of the day. But it was quality time together, not just time together if that makes sense. And I also had some me time which is becoming a precious commodity these days. I just sat in my pajamas, watching reruns on tv until the evening. I had dinner with a friend that I hadn't seen in forever which was awesome! And it gave Hardy and Nancy some alone time as well. It was so nice to get out and do something for myself, drink and laugh with a friend without feeling that gnawing feeling in my gut of jealousy at the time Hardy and Nancy are having without me.

I think the bravest thing I did today was just allow myself to be happy and smile. I didn't feel guilty for leaving them alone and I didn't allow my jealousy to keep me from having a good time with my friend. And most importantly, when I came out and they were still out, I didn't get grumpy! Yay! I love not being grumpy!
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