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Originally Posted by Snowie View Post
I have also been thinking I should be able to be happy without the help of a love relationship. It is so true. But I find it extremely difficult, knowing what sort of really large happiness the feeling of being in love gives. Everything else seems sort of small compared to that! I feel like love is the meaning of life, and when someone I love suddenly goes away, it feels like part of the meaning of my life just went away. The other ones I love are still there, but I feel they really can't fill the hole since, well, they are not the same person.
I wanted to comment on this because it struck me and brought to mind a poem I wrote in High School. I don't have the actual words to the poem anymore, and it's very mono in basis anyway but the idea behind it was that as human beings our hearts are not pristine glass displays or gemstones, they are more like patchwork quilts. Every person whom we care about, whether romantically or otherwise, gets sewn into our hearts. If they get "ripped out" of our lives they leave a hole behind. No one can perfectly fill that hole, that's not how patches work. But someone else (or a couple of someones) can come by and overlap others to cover the hole. The hole is still there, it is part of the quilt now, but it simply provides a new space for a new, different shaped patch to come and fit. Some of the most GORGEOUS patchwork quilts I've ever seen are not ones that were made to a specific pattern and then never torn, they're the ones that were made, then used, and torn, and patched, and torn, and patched again and again, and again until they have an amazing and unpredictable combination of patterns and colors that create their own wonderful design.

Another way to look at it is we are not Green Glass bottles Beautiful but boring in their simplicity, we are Stained Glass. Made beautiful by the very act of breaking bottles and piecing together the shards.
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