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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
He's read these threads. And for the most part, it's unfair to him and his S/O to have my raw , irrational thoughts on display. As I said to him, when clearer heads prevail, those irrational thoughts dissipate. But the damage is done once its put on paper.
I don't think it's unfair to him or anyone that you sought out support and feedback. You wanted to hear from others with poly experience. Hopefully, getting out of your head and seeing some other perspectives made you feel less isolated even if it changes nothing.

I read multiple instances of you defending both he and his wife when you thought the responses were missing information. I hope he saw that, too.

To back up what NYCindie said, we all do understand that we're only getting one side and you have no need to feel embarassed about telling your story. Everyone's story is their own and we're a few people you, he, and his wife are never going to meet. No harm has been done.

I'm glad he read the thread so he could learn more about your feelings, crazy or irrational, and as valid as they are. It's better than keeping unorganized emotions bottled up for the next meltdown, no? Given you only see each other once a week, I know how slowly conversations can go. This probably sped communication up a bit.

Good luck and I hope to still see you (and maybe him, too?) around the forum.
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