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Question How to proceed??

I posted earlier today about B, a woman I *just* became involved with. She and I have spoken a lot, but only met in person last night. The group meeting consisted of me, Hubbs, B, B's daughter R & My/Hubb's daughter L. Everyone got along great. B turned out to be basically a mix of me & Hubbs, personality-wise, with some other stuff thrown in too of course. B & I fell for each other while texting, but the meeting solidified it. Hubbs thought she seemed cool, but once he met her he fell too.

As mentioned in my previous post, she made some comments about us all being "one big happy family." At the end of the evening she asked what Hubbs was looking for in a woman so B could help look. He listed some attributes & her response to each was "That sounds like me" or "I do that" or the like. She also made some sexual remarks that seemed on the surface to be jokes, but at the same time made us pause. There was even mention (again, on the surface was a joke, but we're not really sure) of cohabitation. Without thinking, I popped off with "We'll need a bigger bed!" She laughed, and then just kind of stared at me for a minute. So either I was way out of line, or all 3 of us have the same idea but no one really knows it yet.

I'm inclined to drop hints, maybe, and kind of put the ball in her court. Hubbs wants to just tell her outright he's interested in B. B has said she's not opposed to having both a male & a female lover simultaneously, but I have no idea how she would feel about a true triad, as opposed to her being the hinge in her own Vee.

Since this is such a new relationship, I am reluctant to rock the boat too much. (Especially since we don't really know her feelings for him, or on a triad. She's made her feelings for me clear, but that's it.) Yet at the same time, I don't want to dismiss Hubb's feelings, or even have the appearance of such.

So how do we do this? What are the proper steps in this type of situation? I would love any advice, personal stories, whatever.
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