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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
I'm just scared and confused sometimes. Being in love with someone who loves another more than me is hardly ideal but because of how I feel about him, I want to try my hardest to make it work. And I really do believe I can.

Tonight, reading these again, my true fear is that I've done nothing but make myself, my love and his S/O just look bad and that's simply not true. We are all trying our best.
You have no reason to feel this way, really. Every one of us here knows that it is impossible to share every shade and nuance of a relationship or describe all the things about a person there is to know in posts on a message board. People often come here to ask for advice or opinions on problems, and we give feedback. We all know there is more to a situation, love relationship, or person than the words describing a problem. These threads are simply small slices of people's lives, or what we struggle with. You feel a little embarrassed, but no one in your situation looks like a bad person, and we are all strangers anyway. Don't worry about that!

Don't think you have to stay away because you're embarrassed. I hope the threads here have been helpful to you!
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