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Default Second Poly Date

My first poly date, a couple of weeks ago, was not a promising event. It was a connection on the Polymatchmaker site, and I seem to have pretty much exhausted the possibilities there. Not a lot of potential partners there within close driving range.

So, I posted a profile at OKCupid, a much busier site. I decided to be upfront and mention "intentional polyamory." Well, that sure weeded out the possibilities, but at the same time, it cleared up any confusion ahead of time, so I didn't have to announce the surprise later.

Of about 50 women who have looked at my profile in a few days, only two have responded. Well, I did get one other response that dismissed polyamory as "abusive." Don't really know what that meant.

So, this Wed. I'm meeting one of my respondents, who, at 59, is much closer to my age than my first poly date. We have had a brisk email correspondence, and she is actually "dating" a couple of other men. I think she actually spent last weekend with one of them.

So, it appears that we are at least on a common ground of understanding to start with.

Frank is an unattached recovering monogamist, poly dating straight male.
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