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Default Weird because it's not weird...

Over the weekend, I met a woman online. We really hit it off. Per our rules, Hubbs came with last night to meet B (my GF ) in person. She turned out to be amazing. ABSOLUTELY everything I hoped for, but didn't expect.

Throughout the text flirting, emails & the mini-date meeting B, Hubbs was amazing... supportive, happy that I was happy, and an excellent wing-man to boot! When she & I started talking, she was dating someone, so a triad wasn't a consideration. They are no longer together tho. And she did make some comments & jokes that seemed like advances at the Hubbs, too. She made several comments about the 3 of us being "one big happy family" and some sexual jokes directed at the Hubbs. (Amazingly, I was totally ok with it.. I tend to be a bit jealous when it comes to him)

We're not really sure if we're reading her correctly, so we are just letting that happen naturally. The 3 of us got along great, as did our babies.

I've always been interested in women, but refused to admit it when I was younger, and then never had the opportunity to act on it as an adult. I feel like a kid again; nervous & excited about the whole situation. I expected there to be some awkwardness or even a little envy from the Hubbs with this, but it's all just flowing so naturally.

It almost makes me uneasy that it's going so smoothly. Trying not to get my hopes up, but that is proving quite difficult.

I spent last night trying to sleep, with little success & today I'll be nervously cleaning as we are hanging out at my place tonight.

I'm so glad I found this forum so Hubbs & I could really get some insight before taking that first step.
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