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A Reflection
Here I sit, matted with gendered fibers,
Pregnant with expectations of manhood.
"Fulfill the plans of the twins of Tiber
And create. Walk the path that each man should."
Echoing words of fathers and mothers.
My way is studded with many lovers.

The polyamorous meandering
Of any can be quite the lonely road
With words full of deceitful pandering,
But joy in a harmonious abode,
When tranquil beings can meet and can love
In ecstatic embrace- put on that glove.

I don't care what you have under your skirt,
Just take me back to your place and take me.
I want your chains and leather, whips and hurt,
I'll obey until I'm hot and shaky.
I'll take what you give and give what I can,
Just don't give it to me like I'm a man.

Weary affect, cigarette in mouth,
Fuck heteronormative behavior,
Why do you care what it looks like down south?
I'm not here to be anyone's savior,
Just let me be, I'm no one's messiah,
Without being a social pariah.
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