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Originally Posted by ginj2 View Post
One thing I know is that when we fight it's always me stating a problem and him trying to look for a solution.
Hey! As you ask for suggestions - How about when you state a problem, you already have a couple of possible solutions in mind that you suggest? That's not only proactive, but it gives him a way to meet your needs without necessarily causing a lot of stress. Of course that requires that you know what your needs are.

If you haven't read many books on poly, I really suggest going through the books and website sticky on the forum, I know there are threads on mono-poly, I am not sure which books really have sections on it, but I always find when I am actively reading/learning about relationships, I am better prepared to deal with my emotions when an issue comes up. I know there is a lot of information out there about LDRs too, that adds so much stress to a relationship, so just keep reading and learning strategies to cope and grow!
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