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Default Day 2 ends

I woke up this morning with the kids and let my wife sleep in. We tend to alternate who gets to sleep in but lately I've been making and effort to take the mornings to give her much needed peace and quiet. I also kind of relished in the opportunity to text A for two hours. Which I did. It was awesome. Despite the crappy coincidences of last night we were able to work some stuff out and I think I made her feel a little better.

After lunch I took a quick nap and then did two back to back Insanity exercises. Well, I attempted two. The first one was Pure Cardio (which I keep referring to as max cardio). Pure Cardio is ridiculous. Absolutely awful. So I was too worn out to get through more than half of the second one. For those of you that don't know what Insanity is, watch the biggest loser. Then imagine something even more difficult every day except Sunday. There you go. For those of you that do know you're probably asking yourself what is wrong with me. Well, I didn't get a chance to do Friday or Saturday exercises and what better thing to do in your free time than try to kill yourself by raising your heart rate. I'm doing this crap because I'm tired of feeling out of shape and fat. My wife shed all of her baby weight plus more using this program so I figure I could drop my weight 20 lbs too. It'll make me feel better and I'll look better too. Yay!

So we got done with that and went to the final party of the weekend. I spent a large portion of it eating, kicking ass at Street Fighter X Tekken and playing Magic. Yeah, I'm a nerd. During the party I texted A a bit. My wife had gone home and had been talking to my friend about a camping trip and mentioned it to A and she mentioned she liked camping. From there it turned into us meeting half way between where we live and camping together sometime later this year. I love camping and I think it'd be a lot of fun to meet in a sort of neutral territory and just spend a weekend together. I'm not sure I'd want that to be the first time we met or anything but if nothing else it would be a great escape from electronics and the bothersome busy ass lives we all live. It'd give us a couple of days just relaxing and being together and getting to know each other without distraction. I'm excited!
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