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Thanks, NovemberRain..

I probably didn't make myself clearer... I've already got things like a Will and life insurance sorted. Both my partners "S" and "F" will be secure from a financial point of view. (I have a second investment property which, once sold, will make things even easier for them both.)

What I was meaning (and my bad for not making this clearer), was wondering; how does a poly relationship survive in such an event as my passing? How have other relationships fared? How would my two poly-wives maintain a relationship and find a new husband to be a part of their lives?

For a single person, it's "easier" (no disrespect for anyone who has lost a partner). One person grieves, and as time heals she or he eventually may find someone else.

But how would two wives who have lost a husband find someone new to be a part of their lives in a relationship?

This is one issue that I have no ready answers for.

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