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I don't have experience with that, but having lived through gram's death, and mom's, I have thoughts on it.

I think it's great that you're thinking about it in advance. My mom had a folder of things she wanted for her funeral/memorial. My step-dad knew that she had such a thing, but was unable to find it to prep for her. I have let my people know that I have such desires as well. I do understand that the service is for the living though, so I'm not very attached to it.

My dad talks to me about dying often (not morbidly, but he wants to take of me in advance, which I find awfully sweet). His mom had a notebook, in which she wrote down which of her possessions she wanted to go to whom. I got the antique wooden high chair. I asked my dad why, and he said 'it's in the book.' But I don't really know why that particular thing was for me. I love it.

So, I think talking about what you all might want in that circumstance would be really helpful. You might want advance directives and medical powers-of-attorney for each other, so that families don't come in and stomp on your relationships.
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