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Avidly GM'd a BUNCH of D&D back in the day. I miss 2nd edition . I then found myself hooked on Rolemaster/MERP quickly, so started running it a lot. The only online I took the time to play, and get quickly addicted to, used the old Rolemaster combat engine and the Shadow World setting, and was called Gemstone III, text based but had a good front end. Had to quit that as it was waaaaay too addictive. Other than that about the only other table top games I played was Advanced Squad Leader...I decided to learn that system instead of SFB. Way back when I remember thinking that might have been a mistake. And Windmark was one of the few characters I got to play since I almost always ran campaigns. That and the nickname weaselbob sorta stuck from college days, and I even liked weasel so much I got stupid back then and tattooed it on my arm.


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