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Originally Posted by Jericka View Post
Congratulations on figuring out that you need something, and asking for it! This is a prime poly survival tactic.

Also, it's occasionally amusing to watch someone when they realize that what they are asking for goes both ways. Poly? Sure you can go find someone, if I can as well. Vetoes? Are you sure? Because I might not like someone you like.

Thank you

About the veto, I'm already of the mind that if he finds someone he really likes and he's willing to explain why, and help me understand what she brings to him, why he likes her etc, I would be able to find it within me to like her, that is unless she's out there to split us up. Then I might have something to say about it... but heck, if he's that determined to be split up, I won't be saying much! =P

I wonder, from my entirely newbieish perspective, if it's ever a good idea to "veto" when it's obvious your S/O is not capable of taking care of everyone involved, and makes preference of one over another very obvious...
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